Policy Documents

Biodiversity policy 2024

Financial Risk Assessment and Management March 2024

Standing Orders October 2023

Financial Regulations October 2023

Records Management October 2023

Code of Conduct 2023

Standing Orders October 2022

Financial Regulations October 2022

Records Management October 2022

Playing Field Risk Assessment February 2023

Risk Assessment and Management March 2023

Code of Conduct October 2021

Financial Regulations October 2021

Records Management

Standing Orders

Vacancies Notice March 2021

Risk Assessment and Management February 2021

Grievance Policy approved January 2020

Disciplinary Policy approved January 2020

LPPC Risk Assessment and Management October 2019

LPPC Records Management Policy October 2019

LPPC Standing Orders October 2019

LPPC Standing Orders 2018

LPPC Risk Assessment and Management 2018 

LPPC Financial Regulations 2018

LPPC Records Management Policy 2018

Risk Assessment and Management November 2017

Finance Regulations November 2017

Standing Orders November 2017

Community Emergency Plan 

Finance Regulations approved January 2017

standing orders approved January 2017

Finance Regulations

Rules for Recording Meetings

Role of a Local Council

Risk Assessment and Management

Record Management

Public Participation

Model Publication Scheme

Management of Open Spaces

Lone Worker

Equal Opportunities

Disciplinary and Grievance

Complaints Procedure

Community Grants Donations

Code of Conduct

Co-Option v2


Access to Information

Standing Order 1h

Standing Orders 02-11